Optimising for Direct Mail

Is DM breaking your marketing cloud?

Your choice of Zoom, Teams, Google Meet etc.
45-60 minutes

What is it?

In an interactive one-on-one session, talk to our experts about how to make your direct mail workflows more efficient on platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud and SAS Marketing Automation. We’ll share our experience and ask questions such as how direct mail fits into your marketing and give you suggestions for avoiding time-consuming workarounds.

Who is it for?

Marketing Teams, CRM Teams and Product Owners of enterprise technologies that lack efficient processes for offline communications.

What will you learn?

  • Discover how extensions for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and SAS can cut hours or days of processing from your direct mail campaigns
  • Learn how to easily manage direct mail fundamentals such as Seeds, Deduplication and Voucher Codes quickly and without leaving your platform
  • Discuss how to achieve peak efficiency for multichannel campaigns in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform

Who'll run it?

A Technical Architect

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