The Data Journey

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Like building a house, developing data maturity involves planning, architecture and solid foundations. This is where many businesses go wrong. In the rush to deploy advanced analytics, real-time personalisation and AI, they don't pay enough attention to the fundamentals.

That's why for many businesses data transformations can feel like
one step forward, two steps back.

At Optima Connect, we help our clients do the right things, do them right, and get things done. So wherever you're starting your journey, we'll help you get to where you want to go.

The Data Journey

Stages of the Data Journey

1 - Data Quality

We've all heard the phrase 'Garbage in, garbage out'. It means there's no point in building advanced analytics or AI capability if you're feeding the new systems the same old poor quality data.

You wouldn't fuel an F1 car with recycled diesel and expect it to perform to its potential. Your data is no different.

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2 - Unified Customer View

With very few exceptions, the customer data you need exists in fragments, scattered across dozens of internal systems. That data needs to be unified before it can deliver reliable insights and support AI objectives.

Unifying customer data is like assembling an enormous jigsaw puzzle. One where the some of the pieces are hidden and none of them were even designed to fit together.

With DataSTREAM and DataFUSION we'll unify your data, and automate the process. Find out more.
3 - Customer Insight

Congratulations! You've now laid the foundations for a successful data journey. You've cleaned up your data and organised it for efficient, impactful analysis.

Now you're ready to let your data scientists loose to find powerful insights, make predictions you can trust, and model future scenarios with a high degree of confidence. You can build reports and dashboards, and build automations to streamline your analytics processes.

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4 - Decisioning

Armed with a new understanding of your customers and KPIs, you're now making data-driven decisions.

This includes high-level management choices about audience strategy, product development and marketing technology. It also includes granular, customer-level choices about what products, content and offers will deepen customer engagement and influence purchase behaviour.

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5 - Personalise: 121 Execution

Research shows that customers engage more deeply with personalised content and offers. The reality for marketers, however, is that tailoring your services and messaging to each customer adds considerable complexity and introduces new risks.

Whether it's dynamic email content, tailored app push notifications, product recommendations on your website or conversation prompts for customer services teams, you need secure, data-driven processes that rapidly connect customer data points to audience profiles and pull appropriate content and offers from internal systems.

We've developed DataCOMMS to enable enterprise organisations to do just that, and deliver personalised customer marketing at scale. Find out more.
6 - Marketing Analytics

Mature marketing ecosystems leverage extensive AI and automation. This frees marketers from traditional operational and delivery tasks, instead shifting the primary focus towards strategy and optimisation.

Automated systems require careful monitoring, and tight feedback loops to measure performance and guide optimisation efforts.  Marketing analytics is the critical enabler in this step.

Tasked with ongoing measurement, testing and optimisation, marketing analytics is required to refine data-driven strategies based on real customer and business outcomes. With end-to-end reporting and accurate feedback loops, attribution and insight-led steering supports ongoing ROI optimisation.

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