Is Your Data Ready for Personalisation?

Ensure data accuracy and maximise customer insights with DataSCAN™, our cutting-edge solution designed to clean, deduplicate, and enhance the quality of your customer data.

What is DataSCAN™?

DataSCAN™ is your answer to customer data quality challenges. By eliminating duplicate customer profiles, correcting inaccurate data, merging records, we can correct, fix, enhance and upgrade your records, as necessary. Stop wasting resources on outdated or inaccurate data and give yourself the ‘peace of mind’ that comes from knowing your data is ‘fit for purpose’.

Key Benefits of DataSCAN™

Personalisation-Ready Data

Ramp-up personalisation efforts - safe in the knowledge you're working with accurate, deduplicated customer data.

Better Results

Put a stop to duplicate customer profiles distorting your campaign results. DataSCAN™ will fix your data for good.

Faster Insights

Accurate, unified data makes customer analysis faster and actionable.

Reduce Waste

Unified customer profiles prevent you advertising to the same customers more than once

Unlock the Power of Clean Data Today

Take control of your data quality and start personalising with confidence. Contact us to discover how DataSCAN™ can optimise your data and transform your conversion rates.

Why DataSCAN?

With unrivalled expertise in customer data quality and a track record of success dating back to 2005, from an initial data audit, we’ll get you up and running quickly and help you maximise the value of your data.

Catching 6.6 Million Duplicate Profiles

Discover how a leading UK brand uses DataSCAN™ to catch and resolve 6.6 million duplicate customer records before they skewed reporting and created misleading customer insights.