Keep your customer data up-to-date with DataSTREAM™

Big companies often develop their digital and data capabilities organically, resulting in data silos and disjointed customer experience. DataSTREAM™ is our modern network service that helps companies securely and automatically move customer data between systems.

What is DataSTREAM™?

DataSTREAM™ is designed to automate the transfer of your data across various systems. We build automated data pipelines that help you move data quickly and securely. It’s a flexible service that offers choices from batch to real-time updates. This means that you can balance speed and cost, as required.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Data Integration

Automate and secure your data across systems, eliminating data silos.

Real-Time Data Syncs

Access up-to-date data whenever and wherever you need it.

Enhanced Data Security

Safeguard your customer data with the highest security protocols, ensuring data integrity and compliance with industry standards.

Scalable Custom Solutions

Match your data requirements with solutions that scale as your business grows.

Ready to Sync Your Data?

Discover how DataSTREAM™ can transform your work with efficient, secure and scalable data solutions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get peace of mind from knowing your data is being moved securely and quickly.

Why Choose DataSTREAM™?

Clients choose DataSTREAM™ for its ability to deliver automated, secure data pipelines when they want the choice to balance speed and cost.

CDP Powered by 100+ Pipelines

Discover how a leading enterprise used DataSTREAM™ to build a Composable CDP by integrating and automating data syncs across all of its customer-facing platforms.