About Us

A team built on standards of excellence.

What Makes Optima Different?

We only hire problem solvers.

We're a deeply technical business, but exceptional technical abilities aren't the only thing we look for in new recruits. We’re equally interested in how well people solve problems. Because developing world-class solutions to enterprise-level data challenges requires magic and logic in equal measure.

In practice, that means our recruitment process includes a lateral thinking test. This has led us to say no – regrettably, of course – to applicants with superb technical skills many, many times. The people we do hire all reinforce our culture and values. Everyone contributes ideas. Everyone rallies to find solutions. We never accept that something cannot be done.

Ultimately, maintaining high standards of entry is the best guarantee we’ve come across that our clients always get the A-team. At Optima, we don’t have a B-team.

Standards of Service

We like our service how we like our lettuce, CRISP.

We know what it’s like to be a client. You’ve got your manager or your CEO tapping you on the shoulder and asking “where are we with this?”. The worst thing in that situation is having to say you don't know. And we never want our clients to feel like that. That’s why we took the time – with every member of staff involved – to step back and think about what good service really means for our clients and in the context of our work.

What we came up with is the Optima Standards of Service.

It’s just a happy coincidence that the five pillars also form an easy-to-remember acronym – CRISP.

Optima in Numbers


Data records under management


Transactions processed daily


BI Reports produced weekly


Database uptime

Our Team

Alistair Adam
Head of Analytics
Doug McKenzie
Managing Director
Zahid Hanif
Technical Director
Stephen Dowell
Senior Technical Consultant
Simon Reason
Technical Architect
Aileen Land
Senior Account Manager
Barney Knibb
Head of Business Development
Martin Pickles
Data Scientist

Frequently Asked Questions

Contacting Us

I’d like to talk to someone about a new project

Great, we’d love to chat. Please drop us an email on hello@optimaconnect.co.uk, let us know when it’d be convenient to talk, and we’ll be in touch.

I’d like to join your team

Amazing. We’re always keen to hear from people that might be a good fit. When you’re ready, send your CV over to us at info@optimaconnect.co.uk.

I’m a recruiter and I have an amazing candidate for you

We appreciate the thought, and we hope it works out for you both. We’re very careful about who we take on, however, and so we do all our recruitment in-house.

About Optima Connect

What do you do?

We’re a hands-on data solutions provider with advanced skills in data science and data engineering. Modern businesses are all on a journey towards mastering their data. Regardless of where a business is on that journey, we’ve got the skills and experience to help them take the next step.

What makes you different?

Two things. First, in terms of skills we have the perfect balance of data science and data engineering capabilities to help ambitious marketing teams succeed. Second, our people all have one thing in common. They’re all problem-solvers by nature. We test for it in our recruitment process. You can read more about our hiring process here.

Who do you work for?

We work with large enterprises that want to get more value from their data. Our experience spans Financial Services, Retail, Aviation, Automotive and Travel & Leisure. Our work to date has been primarily with our clients’ marketing teams, though many of our projects also see us working side-by-side with IT, Data and Analytics teams.

Projects & Costs

What technologies do you use?

Being independent, we have the luxury of being technology-agnostic. That means we use whatever tech is right for the job. From a data engineering perspective, we know the Microsoft Azure suite incredibly well (we’re Gold Partners). Our data science team typically works behind the firewall, so we use whatever our clients use (R, Python, Tableau, Qlik etc).

Do you manage data outside of the EU?

No, at present none of our clients requires us to look after data outside of the EU.

How much does a typical data project cost?

All projects are different, and so the associated effort and costs vary a lot too. However, we’ve found time after time that the quality, experience and attitude of our team, plus our right-first-time mentality, means that we deliver solutions of real value, fast.

How do you compare on price?

We’re always extremely competitive. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with clients, so our thinking on pricing is always long-term as well. Our HQ being in Edinburgh is another big advantage. As the ‘data capital’ of Europe, we have access to an incredible talent pool, giving our clients world-class solutions without the London price-tag.

Ready to take the next step?

If you're looking to:

  • Increase marketing ROI without compromising customer experience
  • Become more data-driven as an organisation
  • Automate repetitive or complex tasks that are slowing you down
  • Get more value from your investment in marketing technology
  • Develop a more accurate picture of your customer

Then we can probably help, and we'd love to hear from you.

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