Standards of Service.

Our promise to our clients.

From the lightbulb moment when customer-facing businesses first started engaging with their customers rather than simply tolerating them, the link between customer satisfaction and commercial success has been as blindingly obvious as a parakeet flapping around a Trappist monastery in a hi-vis jacket.

Ever since that big-bang event, the B2C sector has been enthusiastically evolving the idea of ‘putting the customer first’. Latest expressions include ‘optimising customer engagement’, ‘finding customer experience solutions’ or, for added cool points, ‘CX management’.

Delivering great customer service should be common sense for any customer-facing business. Admittedly, common sense isn’t always as common as we might hope, but at least there’s a good level of transparency in B2C around what types of service customers can expect from businesses.

Contrast that with the B2B sector, where Codes of Practice or documented Standards of Service designed to help demonstrate that you understand the client and their business often appear to be shrouded in a ‘if we don’t say it, it can’t hurt us’ fog.  Yes, there are service level agreements and KPIs, but what behaviours can clients expect from their partner, day-to-day?  

Optima’s blend of client and supplier experience has given us a ‘both ends of the telescope’ insight into what delights and frustrates clients, and informed our own critically thought-out ‘CRISP’ Standards of Service. Optima’s view is that everyone in the team should be aiming to delight their customers - and we’re not afraid to say so.

Optima Standards of Service


Great communication means giving clients an honest appraisal of the time and effort required on any job and informing them immediately of any complications or delays. Clients must always know what is going on. We will always demonstrate our knowledge and expertise, and we always talk the client's language.


Clients call Optima because they need our help. We will always respond by providing a solution and by turning problems into actions. We take pride in getting things right first time. We always LISTEN, THINK and ACT, in that order. We do what we say.


We'll always be innovative and imaginative in our problem solving. Just because it hasn't been done before doesn't mean it cannot be done now. Our positive, enthusiastic and creative approach means we see solutions, not problems.


We are here to help, and always with a smile. We will always take time to identify and check our understanding of a client's requirements. We will be there when they need us. Clients are the reason for our work, not an interruption to it.


We are always willing to go beyond what is expected. We will anticipate a client's needs and take responsibility for our actions. We will inspire trust and confidence in our work and create positive, memorable impressions.

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