Data Engineering

Putting data at the heart of your marketing strategy.

There is no one-size-fits-all data solution for modern brands.

Every business has a unique combination of objectives, skills, processes and technologies. And every business is at a different stage on its data journey.

Whatever ambitions your business has for its data and whatever challenges you’re facing, we’ve got the experience and technical ability to help you take the next step.

If you have a problem with your data, get in touch for a fresh perspective from one of our data engineers.

Data Engineering Services

Data Strategy & Architecture

We provide advisory services to help senior client teams develop data strategies and technical roadmaps that align data capabilities with their business’s strategic objectives.

Data Governance & Management

We help businesses use data effectively by implementing robust processes that deliver superior data quality, security and compliance. Provided as consultancy or a managed service.

Systems Integration

We apply our expertise in data extraction, transformation and automation to build data pipelines that seamlessly join separate technology platforms together, through APIs or flat file loads.

Data Platforms

We build systems that join data together to enhance marketing capability, including: Single Customer Views (SCV), Analytics Sandbox Environments, Marketing Data Warehouses and Reporting Marts.

Omnichannel Orchestration

We improve the customer experience by joining data from different marketing channels together in real-time, automating outbound messages across direct, online, in-store and customer service channels.

Bespoke Developments

Where an off-the-shelf tool won’t cut it, our technical team can build bespoke connecting apps, reporting portals or missing features on top of your existing enterprise systems.

Outcomes we Create

Increased Customer Value

Investing in your data can give you a complete picture of your customers, leading to more relevant conversations, increased engagement and higher marketing returns.

Improved Productivity

Automating your data routines results in secure, reliable and repeatable processes that increase efficiency and lower risk, while enabling higher campaign throughput.

Trust in your Data

You and your customers need to be able to trust the data you hold. Build confidence in your data with first-class data architecture, management and cleansing capabilities.

Data Engineering Technology

We work with a range of range of established and emerging technologies.
We're independent, so we're interested in solving problems, not selling software.

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Meet our Data Engineers

Zahid Hanif
Technical Director
Stephen Dowell
Senior Technical Consultant
Simon Reason
Technical Architect
Andrew Donald
Technical Architect
Peter Wickerson
Arnoldas Bendoraitis
Technical Consultant
Caz Stanton
Anna Skelly

Ready to take the next step?

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  • Develop or implement a data strategy for your business
  • Consolidate your data from siloed data sources
  • Migrate your on-premises database to the cloud
  • Improve your marketing with a single view of your customers
  • Implement a new marketing technology into your stack
  • Get more value from Microsoft Azure

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