Data Engineering

Building the foundations for data-driven innovation

Accelerate Your Data Journey

To get the most from your data, you need expert data architects and data engineers. But great data engineers are hard to find. That's why we offer Data Engineering as a Service. To help businesses of all sizes unlock value from data, fast.

How we help

Go further, faster

Accelerate your progress by adding expert data engineers to your project team

Build from the ground up

Hire a full team of data engineers to architect and build your new data product at pace

Manage my data and apps

Make time to focus elsewhere by letting our Ops team run your data products

Where We Excel

Cloud Data Engineering

Harness the power of the cloud and scale your business faster with Microsoft Azure.

Data Warehousing

Banish data silos and transform your customer insight and marketing.

Data Quality & Deduplication

Raise your standards and cut time-to-insight with automatic data matching & cleansing.

Data Integration

Help your teams work faster with modern data pipelines connecting your systems.

Data Migration

Replace legacy data & marketing platforms to cut costs and modernise your business.

Data Management & DataOps

Extend your data and marketing teams with our world-class data engineers.

What Will Data Engineering Give You?

Stronger CX

Brands that can deliver seamless, relevant and personalised customer experiences see greater  engagement, greater loyalty, and outsized returns on marketing and technology investments.

Faster Time-to-Action

Data fuels the insight that drives action. Reduce friction in your data stack and keep your analytics, data science and marketing teams team firing on all cylinders.

Faith in Data

Nothing undermines data-driven ambitions faster than poor quality data. Invest in your data quality and start producing insights and reports that everyone can trust.

Cloud & Technology Expertise

Experts in Azure

Our success with Microsoft Azure  has led us to achieve Microsoft Gold Partner status in cloud platform and data platform.

Beyond Microsoft

We also work with many other leading data & marketing platforms & technologies.

Client Stories

We need to know your stuff too

Our people don't know their stuff until we know your stuff too. We'd rather tease out the actual issue rather than offer fancy solutions to problems that don't exist. No hoo ha. No blah-blah.

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Meet our Data Engineers

Zahid Hanif
Technical Director
Stephen Dowell
Principal Data Engineer
Peter Wickerson
Senior Data Engineer
Arnoldas Bendoraitis
Senior Data Engineer
Caz Stanton
Data Engineer
Kieran Hopkins
Data Engineer
Sean Mohan
Data Engineer
Mansoor Ahmad
Data Engineer
Alan Konczak
Principal Data Engineer
Greyson Alder
Junior Data Engineer
Josh Smith
Graduate Data Engineer

Ready to take the next step?

If you're looking to:

  • Develop or implement a data strategy for your business
  • Consolidate your data from siloed data sources
  • Migrate your on-premises database to the cloud
  • Improve your marketing with a single view of your customers
  • Implement a new marketing technology into your stack
  • Get more value from Microsoft Azure

Then we can probably help, and we'd love to hear from you.

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