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Creating Impactful Dashboards

Do your reports really ‘wow’ your stakeholders?
  • Understand the critical role data engineering plays in large-scale analytics projects
  • Learn the key things that make charts and visuals deliver real impact in dashboards
  • Find how to deploy data engineers and data analysts on projects for efficient progress and incredible results
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An Introduction to AI

How can Microsoft’s AI capability work for you?
  • Discover what Computer Vision (Microsoft’s new AI image-recognition tool) does and how it does it
  • Hear the lessons we've learned from our first successful implementations
  • Discuss ideas and potential use cases for AI that could deliver commercial value for your business
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Migrating Data to the Cloud

What’s the right cloud strategy for your data?
  • Understand how cloud database technology has evolved and the many options now available
  • Get an expert's opinion on the pros and cons of each option, based on your business and objectives
  • Discuss what's required to move your data to the cloud, including ideas around costs, timings and resource requirements
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Cleaning Up Your Data

Do you know the true cost of your data duplication?
  • Learn from our data matching experts how you can tell if your approach to data deduplication is actually working
  • Understand the benefits of best practice data deduplication on minimising risk and improving the customer experience
  • Discover practical strategies used by enterprise-level brands for matching data and removing duplicate records accurately and automatically
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Making Analytics Famous

How can your analytics deliver more value?
  • Discover the five steps all analytics teams need to follow to deliver maximum value to the business
  • Understand the reasons why analytics projects fail and learn strategies for how to avoid them
  • Hear our experts' hard-earned advice for getting your analytics team’s contribution the recognition it deserves
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Optimising for Direct Mail

Is DM breaking your marketing cloud?
  • Discover how extensions for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and SAS can cut hours or days of processing from your direct mail campaigns
  • Learn how to easily manage direct mail fundamentals such as Seeds, Deduplication and Voucher Codes quickly and without leaving your platform
  • Discuss how to achieve peak efficiency for multichannel campaigns in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform
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