Predictive Modelling

Take Action When it Matters - Now

Our data scientists are experts in developing data-driven solutions that predict what your customers need, and allow you to act on opportunities and threats when it matters - in the moment.

Whether the goal is to reduce customer attrition, improve cross- or up-sell, or develop models that recommend the next best action for every customer, we'll help you show up in the right way.

What is Predictive Modelling?

Artificial intelligence. Machine Learning. Predictive Modelling. These terms have a good deal of overlap and can mean different things to different people.

Whatever your definition, data scientists employ these techniques to solve complex data problems. We use them not just because we can, but when they're the right tools for the job. Our goal is always to extract valuable insight from data in the simplest, most cost effective manner possible.

Predictive modelling is the process of identifying patterns in data that allow us to calculate the probability of potential future events occurring.

By applying predictive algorithms to past outcome data we can predict future outcomes. This lets our clients answer questions such as:

  • Which customers are likely to leave or cancel their service?
  • Which customers will respond to particular campaigns or offers, via which channel(s)?
  • Which customers will be our most valuable in the future?
  • Which prospects am I most likely to convert to customers?

These models enable our clients to take a proactive approach to their marketing. For example, our models can help you retain customers by predicting the most effective time to start retention marketing. We can help you take a data-driven approach to selecting the lowest-cost marketing channel mix that will result in a conversion. We can help you focus acquisition marketing on the prospects with the highest likelihood of becoming a customer. And much more.

We use machine learning models in a number of areas including customer decisioning and real-time personalisation. For more information, see Next Best Action & Decisioning.

Key Advantages of AI and Predictive Modelling

Retain more customers

By predicting which customers are likely to leave, marketers can take action to save customers before the relationship is severed.

Increase product sales

Optimise cross-sell and up-sell marketing, by identifying customer propensity to buy.

Acquire more customers

Target the prospects that are most likely to convert, improving your acquisition rates and ROI, while reducing CPA.

Improve campaign responses

Generate more responses by focusing your budget where it will have most impact.

Are You Ready to Harness the Power of AI?

If you're looking for an expert data science partner to improve your customer marketing outcomes, we're here to help.

What to expect when you get in touch

We'll email you back within a few hours to arrange a call at a convenient time. We'll invite one of our senior data scientists onto the call, and we'll ask you some high-level questions about your marketing objectives, challenges, and help you plot a course for success with data science.

Why Optima?

Real-world Experience

Predictive modelling and AI are advanced forms of analytics. Successful implementation requires more than just academic training in building models. In the real-world, customer data is always noisy and imperfect.

With dozens of successful projects completed, our data science team has a strong track record of building models that work, with real customer data.

Engineering Capability

There's a saying in data - 'garbage in, garbage out'. This is never more true than when working with automated data models. Unless the data feeding the model is reliable, the model will produce sub-optimal results.

At Optima Connect, our data science team is fully supported by our data engineering team. This blend of skills gives us the ability to cleanse and transform data, meaning you get faster, more reliable results from your investment in data science.