Next Best Action & Decisioning

Right Message, Right Time, At Scale

Our data scientists build decisioning frameworks that allow brands to select the 'next best action' for each customer in real-time. These frameworks use advanced analytics, powered by real-time technology, to model customer propensity across all available options and automatically select the best option.

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What is Decisioning?

Decisioning is a data-driven process for automatically selecting the most appropriate message, content or offer for a customer in real-time.

There are many similar terms for Decisioning, including:

  • Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM)
  • Real-Time Personalisation
  • Next Best Action
  • Next Best Offer

Regardless of the term used, the objective is always the same: put the most relevant thing in front of the customer, at the most relevant time, automatically.

Advances in analytics and marketing technology enable this decision-making to happen in a split-second, based on each customer's own unique data profile.

Some real-world examples of decisioning include:

  • Promoting the right product to cross-sell to each customer via a personalised banner on your website
  • Promoting complementary products based on your customer's last purchase via a personalised email campaign
  • Recommender models that suggest the next video a customer should watch
  • Recommender models that show other related products you may be interested in
  • Spotting a service issue and proactively presenting a customer service message
  • Identifying vulnerable customers and promoting a message to fast-track support

In all of these cases, the decisioning engine needs to make a choice over what to show customers, often from hundreds or thousands of possible options. Data science plays a key role in this process, using techniques such as predictive and adaptive modelling to understand and balance the relative probabilities of customers taking action, the value to the business of a conversion, and other relative priority weightings.

Decisioning frameworks are incredibly powerful for brands, particularly where they have a large product portfolio and want to promote only the 'right' products without bombarding customers with irrelevant offers.

When successfully implemented, decisioning frameworks allow brands to be:

  • Personalised, with tailored messaging for every customer
  • Consistent across channels, maximising the chances of conversion
  • Agile, by responding in real-time to new customer data points
  • Empathetic, by accounting for customer context

Key Advantages of Decisioning

Increased Sales

Intelligent product and service recommendations improve conversion rates.

Better Customer Experience

Relevant, personalised communications show customers you understand their needs.

Master your contact strategy

Decisioning frameworks let customers drive the conversation, helping to eliminate internal conflicts about which campaigns to send.

Better align marketing

Brands can influence which offers to display, by choosing to upweight messaging to sell, retain or improve the customer experience.

Are you ready for Real-Time Personalisation?

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What to expect when you get in touch

We'll email you back within a few hours to arrange a call at a convenient time. We'll invite one of our decisioning experts onto the call, and we'll ask you some high-level questions about your objectives with data, how your marketing teams currently operate, and any initial use cases that you have in mind for real-time personalisation.

Why Optima?

Implementing real-time personalisation is a non-trivial undertaking for most brands. Far beyond the choice of technology, real-time personalisation requires a shift in organisational mindset. That means it's vitally important to have an experienced partner guiding you through the process.

At Optima Connect, we have technology partnerships in place with multiple leading RTIM vendors at enterprise and challenger scale. That means we can help you choose the right RTIM technology for your needs, regardless of the size and complexity of your organisation.

We also have deep experience of supporting organisations to adopt decisioning models, specialising in the change management required to successfully implement new strategies, operational processes and governance.