Data Science Consultancy

Build a High-Performing Data Science Function

Despite enormous investment, a staggering number of data science projects fail to deliver value. Often this is because the data science team has been established too quickly. Or it lacks sufficient resource, skills and experience. Often data scientists find themselves operating in isolation from the wider business.

Our senior data scientists are experts in building and running successful data science teams in companies both large and small. So wherever you are in your journey with analytics and data science, if your objective is to increase the value that data brings to the organisation, we can help.

What is Data Science Consultancy?

We provide data science consultancy to help with all aspects of setting up - and getting full value from - data science and analytics teams. We advise on everything from establishing the optimal team structure and ways of working, to how best to recruit and retain talent.

We provide data science consultancy in the following areas:

1. Start

Rapidly establish a data science team. We can help you define your objectives and initial projects, set realistic expectations around outcomes and timeframes, and work through the skills and seniority that you will need to recruit into your data science team.

2. Grow

Build your data science team. We can help you add the right skills to your team to maximise the value of data science to your business. Starting with a Data Science Impact Assessment, we will identify gaps and opportunities for improved performance, and guide you to select the best mix of training and recruitment to help you go further, faster.

3. Optimise

Increase the business value that your data science team delivers. We can help your team make a bigger impact through a tailored package of expert data science consultancy with recommendations around all areas of your data science operation. This may include reviewing and optimising how you prioritise projects, upskilling to minimise capability gaps, or how data science interfaces with the wider business, among many other areas.

Wherever you are in your journey with analytics and data science, your team will benefit from our decades of cross-industry experience.

Key Benefits of Data Science Consultancy

Scale your team with purpose

Grow your data science team the right way, with the right team and processes for your business and objectives.

Make data science indispensable

Earn your team a reputation for delivering game-changing business outcomes with data.

Find & retain data talent

Build an outstanding culture that attracts the best data scientists and helps them thrive.

Ship faster

Help your data team produce more, more quickly.

Are You Ready to Get More From Data?

If you're looking for support developing your data science and analytics capability, we'd love to hear from you.

What to expect when you get in touch

We'll email you back within a few hours to arrange a call at a convenient time. We'll invite one of our consultants onto the call, and we'll ask you some high-level questions about your business, your objectives, and your existing data function. From there, we'll describe how we've helped people in similar situations, and how a partnership with Optima Connect would feel.

Why Optima?

Our senior data scientists are much more than great analytical thinkers. We're coaches, mentors and strategists. We've been responsible for establishing and growing analytics and data science teams for over 20 years, in a wide range of companies and sectors.

The consultancy we provide is always grounded in pragmatism. We understand the investment required to get value from data at scale, and the weight of expectation this puts on new and growing data teams. We believe in taking an outcome-driven approach to growth, where investment plans are aligned fully to business objectives.

We also understand the difficulties many brands face in retaining their best data scientists. In today's environment, it's essential to build a strong culture, to manage your team's expectations from day one, and to be progressive in your policies for work distribution and training.

If you're looking for a cookie-cutter approach to consultancy, you may wish to look elsewhere. If, however, you want to make fast progress with seasoned, pragmatic experts by your side, get in touch today.