Customer Insight & Analytics

Too much data, too little insight

At Optima Connect, we've amassed years of experience helping brands improve their marketing through a better understanding of their customers.

So if you're looking for an analytics team to run an insight project, or you need expert resource to supplement your in-house team, Optima Connect is the perfect customer analytics partner. Whatever your requirements, our data experts will help you unlock the insights you need to transform your marketing activity.

What is Customer Insight & Analysis?

Customer Insight & Analytics is one of our broadest service areas. In its simplest form, we work with your data find answers.

We've completed dozens of projects across multiple sectors in each of the following areas:

1. Customer Profiling and Segmentation

We help brands understand who their customers are and how different customer groups behave. We use techniques such as data visualisation, decision trees and clustering to uncover distinct segments in your customer data, to help you develop targeted offers and communications.

2. Customer Acquisition

We help brands find their ideal customers and optimise their marketing acquisition strategies. We do this via techniques such as cohort analysis and attribution modelling, to help you understand how customers are being acquired and which marketing channels are providing most value.

3. Marketing ROI 

We help brands measure the true return on investment (ROI) of their marketing campaigns, by connecting marketing campaign performance to bottom-line results. This holistic approach focuses on commercial metrics and gives true benchmarks against which to measure and optimise campaign performance.

4. Customer Experience

We help brands understand and quantify the drivers of customer experience, by finding correlations between marketing and business activity and customer outcomes such as Net Promoter Score (NPS). This approach lets marketers see what's working, what's not, and provides clear recommendations to improve the customer experience.

5. Customer Value Modelling

We help brands systematically increase customer profitability. We do this by first understanding customer lifetime value, a modelling exercise based on analysis of revenue, cost-to-serve and other industry-specific factors. This provides marketing teams with accurate customer decile profiles to inform targeted acquisition, uplift and retention strategies.  

6. Customer Retention

We help brands retain more of their customers, by developing and optimising customer retention models. We do this by first identifying indicators of customer attrition, before developing predictive models that help marketers target existing customers with the right messages at the right times to prevent or avert cancellation.

Key Benefits for Marketers

Make better decisions

Take the guesswork out of customer marketing. Let data guide your income- and budget-critical decisions.

Be more customer-centric

Develop your marketing activity around your customers' wants and needs.

Uncover quick wins

Insight projects often deliver quick wins - powerful insights that make an immediate impact and inform further areas for exploration.

Platform for innovation

Insight projects help you assess where more advanced data science techniques (such as artificial intelligence or machine learning) will yield most value.

Are You Ready to Embrace Marketing Analytics?

If you think that data insight could help you improve your marketing results, we'd love to hear from you.

What to expect when you get in touch

We'll email you back within a few hours to arrange a call at a convenient time. We'll invite one of our senior data scientists onto the call, and we'll ask you some high-level questions about your marketing objectives, challenges, team, and the type of data you're working with. From there, we'll give you some suggestions for how to tackle it, the types of answers you can expect, and roughly how long the analysis will take.

Why Optima?

We're customer analytics specialists. And that's not a term we use lightly. We have decades of experience working with real-world customer data. That means we understand the challenges of imperfect data, of immovable deadlines, and the need to make sure our work helps our clients take action.

It's not enough for analysts to be great mathematicians or academics. Working with businesses means we have to be great communicators. Our work has to make sense to our audience, and it has to inspire action (even when that action isn't what was previously agreed in the marketing plan). We understand the dynamics of modern marketing departments and we recruit and train our analytics team against both a 'soft' and a 'hard' skillset.